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Welcome to The Heart of Illinois Special Recreation Association

The Heart of Illinois Special Recreation Association (HISRA) is the result of a desire on the part of your park district to provide quality recreation programs and services to individuals with disabilities and special needs. HISRA and its member districts enthusiastically support the spirit and intent of the Americans With Disabilities Act. HISRA is committed to providing opportunities for each individual to enjoy recreation activities in the least restrictive environment possible.



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All students with disabilities, group home residents, and members of Special Recreation Associations from around the state of Illinois are invited to join the HISRA staff and volunteers for a day of fun at the March Madness Experience. Doors will open at 9:30 am; come for a few hours or stay and enjoy all of the activities until 2:00 pm. Don’t forget to bring sack lunches or money for the concession stand. There are accessible restrooms, and a changing area will be set up for your convenience.