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HISRA Hangouts

Looking for a night full of games, crafts and dinner? Come hangout with your friends at our HISRA Hangouts. Each month we will have a different theme. Test out all of the activities we have planned for this summer. We have everything from BINGO to you being the chef in the kitchen (with help from staff, of course). Not sure if you are still interested in that activity but still want to hangout with your friends? Don’t worry, we will still eat dinner at every program and end the night with a movie or games like we do at all of our hangouts!

Program Dates all meet 5:00pm-9:00pm
Sa 5/6: Cooks in the Kitchen  HSH52503-01
Sa 6/17 Backyard Cookout  HSH52503-02
Sa 7/8 Game Night  HSH52503-03
F 8/18 Bingo Night  HSH52503-04

Fee: R $27/NR $37

Ages 17+