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Inclusion Specialist

Inclusion services take part throughout various camps, programs, and sports in HISRA’s member districts of Peoria, Chillicothe, Morton and Washington. Inclusion staff are meant to be a resource and provide support for park district employees working with campers/participants with disabilities. The goal is for campers/participants with disabilities to be successful in the member district’s camp or program.

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  • Starts at $19 per hour depending on experience and education.
  • Hours vary but provide some flexibility.
  • Attend required mandatory staff orientation and training.
  • Responsible for specific member district camps and/or programs where inclusion services have been requested.
  • Demonstrate a professional attitude, quality customer service, and effective communication towards campers/participants, parents, other staff, and the general public.
  • Oversee Inclusion Aides assigned to those specific camps/programs.
  • Responsible for supervision of Inclusion Aides in specific camps/programs.
  • Insure the safe and adequate supervision of campers/participants with disabilities through the accommodation and consideration of physical, social, emotional, and individual needs.
  • Be available, at all times, to assist camp/program staff in addressing needs and issues specific to campers/participants with disabilities.
  • Facilitate the inclusion of campers/participants with disabilities in activities, to the greatest extent and in the least restrictive manner possible.
  • Act as the contact person for parents and significant others regarding campers/participants with disabilities.
  • Provide input and recommendations regarding the grouping and staffing of campers/participants with disabilities or special needs.
  • Assist the Camp Director/Program Supervisor in the training, supervision, and evaluation of program staff assigned with campers/participants with disabilities.
  • Facilitate communication between HISRA and Camp/Program Administration regarding the needs and concerns specific to campers/participants with disabilities. Attend weekly meeting at HISRA and send weekly attendance to HISRA.
  • Assist Camp/Program Administration in the planning and implementation of occasional events/trips involving the entire camp (i.e., parents’ night, special events, etc.).
  • Assume responsibility for knowledge of and following/enforcing all safety procedures that pertain to the duties performed and will support aspects of the HISRA safety program.
  • Supervise medication of inclusion campers/participants by receiving medication, filling medication, checking medication documentation, assuring waivers are on file, and completing all medication quality assurance.
  • Responsible for the creation of behavior contracts with camper/participants, parents, counselors and program supervisor if needed.  Train staff/counselors on behavior management plans.  Provide feedback to parents through notes and phone calls if needed and review all counselor feedback to parents.
  • Provide direct assistance to groups with inclusion campers/participants by identifying the needs for additional training and spending time with each group doing activities–participating as a counselor based on the camp/program schedule.


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