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Inclusion Services

Did you know that HISRA offers Inclusion Services to Member District Summer Camps free of charge for HISRA residents? HISRA will provide an Inclusion Aide to the summer camp that you are registered and have requested assistance/ special accommodations for.


Our four member districts may have a summer camp that you would like your child to attend. If you are interested in availing of HISRA’s Inclusion Services at either a Peoria, Morton, Chillicothe or Washington Park District summer camp, simply request that you will need special accommodations for your child to participate at camp at the time of registration, and get in touch with our Program Manager at HISRA. 

We ask that you fill out an Inclusion Request Form, which is found here. This form gives our Inclusion Aide the information that they need in order to ensure the camper’s success and participation during summer camp.


The goal of our Inclusion Services is to encourage the participants’ success, participation and independence during member district programs, and to teach member district staff and fellow participants plans, communication and strategies in order for their program to become a wholly inclusive environment for all involved.

HISRA Inclusion Services Staff

  • Our Inclusion Services staff is made up of seasoned HISRA staff members, and each has had previous experience working with youth.
  • All staff are subject to background checks prior to employment with HISRA.
  • During the summer, our Inclusion Services Program will have one Inclusion Specialist and several Inclusion Aides throughout our member district camps and programs.
  • Each Inclusion Services employee has gone through online and/ or in-person training prior to working at HISRA.