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Pizza & Bowling

Pizza & bowling-there is no better pair! We will be eating pizza together and then hitting the lanes for a few games! To mix things up, we will be going to different bowling alleys throughout our member district communities.  All participants will meet staff at the bowling alley at the start of the program.  We will not be meeting at HISRA.

Dates & Locations:

Friday, Sept. 29   6:00pm-9:30pm   Landmark Lanes (Peoria)   HFH54202-01

Friday, Oct. 20   6:00pm-9:30pm   Potter’s Alley (Morton)    HFH54202-02

Saturday, Nov. 11    6:00pm-9:30pm  Landmark Lanes (Peoria)    HFH54202-03

Friday, Dec. 8    6:00pm-9:30pm    Plaza Lanes (Washington).   HFH54202-04

Fees for each individual date: R $37/NR $47

Ages: 19+