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Our Programs

HISRA offers a diverse lineup of classes, camps, and entertainment events for participants to enjoy.

  1. Go to https://webtrac.peoriaparks.org
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. After entering your information, you should be taken to your WebTrac account where you can update and add to your account as well as view programs for which you or your participant is registered!

For all future HISRA seasons and programming, you will log into your WebTrac account to register for additional/future programs, cancel programs, and make payments.

Before an individual attends any 2023 HISRA programming, we must have an updated 2023 Annual Information Form and any other applicable forms on file. Please click the below link to access HISRA’s 2023 forms.



If you have any questions or need WebTrac assistance, please call HISRA at (309) 691-1929.

For WebTrac assistance you may also contact the Peoria Park District main office at (309) 682-1200.


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