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Special Olympics Golf

Whether you are an experienced golfer or are a beginner – there’s a spot for you in HISRA’s Special Olympics Golf and Golf Skills program! Are you looking to start a new sport? Do you want to master individual golf skills before hitting the course? The golf skills program allows athletes to learn from a golf pro while exploring various clubs around the green and on the fairway. Skills athletes will have the opportunity to compete in the Special Olympic Individual Golf Skills Competition. Golf Skills practice is held at the Golf Learning Center. The Special Olympics Golf program offers an opportunity for those new or not so new to the sport to practice the fundamentals of golf such as the rules, etiquette, equipment, and shots. Golfers will be provided with instruction and coaching from experienced volunteers leading up to the competition if the athlete is eligible and wishes to participate. Golf practice will be held at Kellog Golf Course.

Dates: Wednesdays 5/17-8/4 5:30pm-7:30pm

Fee: R$95/NR $125

Ages: 8+

Class #
Special Olympic Golf Skills HSH56501-01
Special Olympic Golf HSH56501-02