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Summer Daze

Are you looking for a fun way to stay active this summer and make new friends and memories? Would you like to swim, hike and explore what Central Illinois has to offer? Then our Summer Daze program might just be for you! Summer Daze is designed for campers aged 13 – 21 who are independent in self care skills. Please speak to our Program Manager to determine camper eligibility. Space is limited, so be sure to sign up early! Campers will need to be able to keep up with the high-paced day that will consist of various physical activities such as walking, swimming, hiking, playing sports games, etc. Be sure to bring appropriate clothes and footwear to camp, as well as a drink and sack lunch daily. Summer Daze is a community-based camp and is held at Bicycle Safety Town in Peoria.


Age: 13 – 21

Days of the week: Monday through Thursday

Pick up/ drop off times: 9:00am – 3:00pm

Location: Bicycle Safety Town

Camp type: Community-based

Highlighted activities: Hiking, sports activities, swimming, field trips, arts and crafts

Camp Dates

The dates for Summer Daze are as follows:

Week 1: 6/3 – 6/6

Week 2: 6/10 – 6/13

Week 3: 6/17 – 6/20

Week 4: 6/24 – 6/27

Week 5: 7/1 – 7/3**

Week 6: 7/8 – 7/11

Week 7: 7/15 – 7/18

Week 8: 7/22 – 7/25

**Week 5 is a short week, with camp running Monday – Wednesday.

Camp Fees

The fees for Summer Daze are as follows:

  • Week 1: R $156/ NR $203
  • Week 2: R $156/ NR $203
  • Week 3: R $156/ NR $203
  • Week 4: R $156/ NR $203
  • Week 5: R $117/ NR $152
  • Week 6: R $156/ NR $203
  • Week 7: R $156/ NR $203
  • Week 8: R $156/ NR $203

Fees are divided by Resident and Non-Resident Fees. A participant who resides within the Park District boundaries of one of our Member Districts (Peoria, Chillicothe, Morton and Washington Park Districts) is considered a HISRA Resident. A HISRA Non-Resident is a participant who resides outside of our Member Park District boundaries.

Summer Daze Objectives

  • To provide participants with a safe and nurturing environment.
  • To introduce youth to a variety of recreation services.
  • To provide participants with opportunities to increase socialization, self-discovery, and building skills through positive interactions.

Guidelines for Participation in Summer Daze

  • Participants must be at least 13 years of age and no older than 21 at the date of the program that they are registered for.
  • Participant must have a diagnosed disability. 
    • This camp is designed to meet the needs of individuals with a multitude of disability levels, however, please understand that this camp is not appropriate for all disability levels. All campers must be able to meet camp eligibility requirements, with or without special modification. HISRA does not have other options available. Contact the administrative office at (309) 691-1929 for further information.
  • Participant must meet health eligibility requirements.
  • Participant must meet level of care requirement. Please contact the Program Manager to ensure that the participant meets eligibility requirements.
  • Participant must be independent in self care skills and must be able to remain with the group.

Camp Pick Up and Drop Off Information

  • We encourage that all participants arrive on time, as activities begin at the start of camp. 
  • All participants and parents/ guardians must enter through the front doors. No access will be granted through any other doors. Parents/ guardians will not be permitted to walk back to the group spaces. Group staff members will accompany the participant and walk them back to their group space.
  • If participants are late, the HISRA management team will determine if the participant can be accommodated in another group. If the late participant cannot be accommodated, we will ask them to return promptly the following camp day. 
  • On field trip days, groups will depart at their scheduled times. Buses will not wait for late participants.
  • A $10.00 late fee will be applied to the participant’s household WebTrac account for every 10-minute interval that the participant is either dropped-off early or picked up late. Late fees will be charged per participant. The clock at the facility will be used to determine the time. Please understand that dropping participants off early or picking participants up late places an unfair burden on staff and the agency and may result in temporary or permanent suspension from camp.
    • Example: Camp ends at 3:00pm. A late fee of $10.00 will be charged at 3:10pm. A late pick up falling any time between 3:11pm and 3:20pm will equal a late fee of $20.00, etc.
    • Please understand that our participant/staff ratio is an important factor in maximizing participant safety. For this reason, and under ordinary and usual circumstances, we do not permit participants in the facility during non-camp hours.
    • Please contact HISRA as soon as possible in the event of an emergency.
  • Anyone picking up a participant must drive or walk to the front doors and wait for their participant to come outside. They may call or text the previously established phone number to alert staff of their arrival time to ensure that their camper is ready to leave upon their arrival.
  • Parents/ guardians must list everyone that is authorized to pick up the participant on the Annual Information Form. If the participant is using organized transportation (i.e. CityLift), this must be listed on the Annual Information Form.
    • Any person that is listed on the pick-up permission portion of the Annual Information Form will be allowed to pick up the participant during any time during camp hours. It is important to list only those people who would have permission to do so. Picture ID can and will be requested for those names listed on the pick-up form. This is to ensure the safety of the participant.

Camp Absences

  • Parents/ guardians must notify the camp by 9:30am if the participant is going to be absent on a given day. Please do this by calling the main office at (309) 691-1929.
  • Refunds or credits will not be given for days missed.
  • Participants, who receive HISRA scholarships, will be charged for all missed days of camp, regardless of the reason.


  • Parents/ guardians must provide HISRA with their phone number to assist them in contacting you quickly in the event of an emergency.
  • Parents/ guardians must notify HISRA if their phone number, address or email address changes. Please make sure that contact information is current and correct throughout the camp season.
  • Daily communication will be sent home. Please make sure to check backpacks and Class Dojo to review all information. If there are items requested for the next day of camp, please promptly send them with your participant the following day.
  • Class Dojo will be utilized to communicate with parents/ guardians and share programming updates.


  • Parents/ Guardians are responsible for arranging transportation and all related transportation costs. 
  • Contact CityLift at 497-3340, WE Care (Morton) at 263-7708, WE Care (Woodford County) at 1-800-538-6906 or Rural Peoria County at 697-3305 for transportation.
  • HISRA will not provide door-to-door pick ups or drop offs. 
  • Transportation from school districts will not be arranged by HISRA. It is the parent/ guardian’s responsibility to arrange for such transportation with the school district or any third-party agency.

What To Bring To Camp

  • A cold lunch and a drink that is clearly labeled with the participant’s name. Due to field trip schedules, campers will need to bring lunches that do not require heating, as most days they will not have access to a microwave.
    • If a participant has dietary needs or restrictions, please communicate that to HISRA staff at the time of registration and on participant’s Annual Information and Personal Care forms.
  • Deliver all medications in the original prescription bottles. Provide written directions to staff regarding specific instructions for medication via the medication authorization form.
    • Medication will only be dispensed with Medication Dispensing Form.
    • Medication Dispensing Forms must match assigned assigned prescription bottles. 

Camp Attire

  • Participants are encouraged to wear closed toe shoes for comfort and safety purposes.
  • Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable play clothes that can get dirty. No midriff shirts please.
  • Participants wearing a dress must be accompanied by shorts underneath.
  • Please send swim attire on swim days and dress appropriately for various field trips.
  • Please label all bags with participants names.

Camp Activities

  • As this camp is fully community based, participants and staff will be out-and-about in the community doing various activities such as and not limited to: hiking, swimming, playing sports, making art and going to museums.
  • Communication will be sent home to inform parents/ guardians of activities done throughout the day and what is coming up in the week through Class Dojo. Please be checking your participant’s bag on a daily basis.
  • Scheduled activities are subject to change when necessary.
  • Please advise the staff on any special needs that the participant may have regarding sun and heat exposure as many days can get very hot during camp. Include this information on the Annual Information Form.


  • Parents/ guardians may pack snacks for their participant to eat during passive activity time.
  • Participants with special dietary needs are encouraged to pack their own snacks. Please note special dietary restrictions and allergies. Include this information on the Annual Information Form.


  • Our Summer Daze staff is made up of two seasoned HISRA staff members, and each has had previous experience working with youth.
  • All staff are subject to background checks prior to employment with HISRA.
  • Each group will have two Camp Leaders in order to keep appropriate participant/staff ratios. 
  • Each Summer Daze camp employee has gone through online and/ or in-person training prior to working at camp.

Field Trips

  • Summer Daze participants will be going on field trips every day during camp season.
  • Field trip locations and frequency will vary from day-to-day. Weather forecasts will be taken into consideration when planning field trips, and alternative plans are made in the case of inclement weather or other conditions.
  • Communication will be sent home to inform parents/ guardians of trip locations. It will also state what items participants will need to bring on particular field trips. For example, if the group was going swimming, participants will need to bring a towel and a bathing suit.